The d.FL (or d-Finger Ltd), a start-up technology company with hardware and software products that will digitise process handling. The capabilities will include recording, extracting and analysing large quantities of digital data.

Applications will include e-commerce (for online shoppers), forensics, health & beauty, medical, food processing, robotics, materials & manufacturing, archaeology, etc.

We see a future in which digitisation of process handling will underpin advancement of experience of all activities. We believe that such digitisation will help improving safety, process control, quality/quantity assessment, measurement, condition monitoring, and decision making, etc.

Our vision is to be a world-leading within all areas of process or object handling digitisation.

Our mission is to empowering people to build e-personalisation platform, where process or object handling data could be recorded, extracted, analysed, stored, shared with IoT in positive and ethical way.

d-Finger is a limited company (SC621561). All content copyright d-Finger Ltd 2019.